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Renting Electricity Is Like Throwing Money Away.


Immediately reduce your electricity debt by installing solar panels on your house…without doing any labor or maintenace.

Cost Of RentingOur Process

The War On Electricity

Since the late 1890’s when AC and DC power were being introduced to the public there has been a war on the transmission of electric power.

You still see this in our economy today. Only we have been convinced that the best way to get your electricity is from the utility company. Homeowners are getting tired of the constant raise of electricity prices but feel trapped because of the monopolies control.

Your war is to decide if you want to keep renting electricity or if you want to own your power.


Who Gets Your Money

When looking into solar panels as your source of power it’s really a change of thinking. You can keep doing what you always have done, or you can look at things from a different perspective.


Either way you will need to spend money on electricity. You can pay your bill each month and get no return on that money, or put that money in something you can own.

Decide who you want to give your money too!

Smart Thinking

As more homes realize solar panels produce the same power they have been buying from the electric company for so many years, a shift takes place. 

The smart homes realize that owning your power makes sense but doing it while the govenment is offering tax credits for those who go solar now is the best choice.

It’s the small simple changes compounded over time that bring the most happiness to our lives.

Live For The Future

Owning your power puts the control and peace of mind back in your hands. Our worry free program takes care of all your concerns. 

We maintian and service the system for 25 years. During that time we will make sure the system produces the solar energy we said it would and we align you with one of our solar guides to help you get started.

Our Solar Guides Are Ready To Assist you along the way.